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Returns/exchange policy

Thank you so much for your support!

It is as important to me as it is to you that you are more than satisfied with your purchase, however if you are not completely satisfied I have listed the different options that are available for you to complete a return or exchange as well as each  of the stipulations. 


Your return or exchange will only be eligible to be processed within 14 days of the official day of delivery. I will not be able to proceed with any return or exchange requests after 14 days post delivery.


Garment condition

Please be careful that the garment remains in the condition in which you received it, including the hang tag, ribbon and safety pin. I will not be able to process your return or exchange if the state of the garment could prevent it from being resold. Some examples of a dress being in poor condition thus making it unsellable are stains, odors, rips or tears in the fabric, markings from writing utensils, etc.

First steps

Please notify me of your request to return or exchange your item by sending an email to with the word "Return" or "Exchange" in the subject header. I will require an order number before moving forward. Once your request has been approved, please complete the customer return form provided for you along with your purchase.

Refunds for returns

Once I've received your garment after you've shipped it within 14 days of its arrival, I will proceed with inspection. If the garment is in proper condition and able to be resold, I will notify you of the approval of your refund via email and you may then expect to receive a refund minus a restock fee. If your refund has not been received during the expected time frame, please contact your bank. 


Reasons for fulfilling an exchange can include fit issues, personal preferences, or receiving an item that was not as described. Once you have taken the proper steps to complete your exchange, you may then either receive the difference in prices through a refund, or you will be expected to pay the difference in prices. If you are expected to pay the difference, you will receive an invoice of the specific amount. 


Please ship your item to the address provided for in your return form sent to you via email. I recommend obtaining a tracking number after processing your return or exchange. Please note that the cost of shipping is nonrefundable and that it will be deducted from your overall refund.

Nonrefundable items

Items that are nonrefundable include anything that is a custom design, a custom fit, or a custom color way.

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