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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for visiting and choosing The following information has been carefully and plainly written out to ensure that you, the client, will have a smooth and effortless shopping experience. By using this site, you have consequently bound yourself to the terms and rules that govern the use and overall experience of this site and its contents. If you find that you do not agree with the terms that this site provides, please do not participate in is shopping its products. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change; therefore it is the responsibility of the client or user to periodically check back in with the updates that could take place any time. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at


                  Legal Information


This website and all of its contents including the products sold, artwork, graphics, buttons, photographs, videos, trademarks, and all of its other legalities are owned by The mailing address for Morgan Dallas is     The purpose behind this website is for the noncommercial and personal use of the client. You are prohibited to modify, sell, copy, or distribute any of the contents from without permission from the owner of the site.

Limitation of Liability.

As a direct consumer or user of the Morgan Dallas website, the client inevitably agrees with and is responsible for all that comes with servicing the equipment used to produce our site. In visiting or using this site, you are in agreement with the standards and guidelines of these Terms and Conditions. We at Morgan Dallas are not liable for any damages or errors in association with your use or failure to access our website.


         Technological Inaccuracies


Due to the unpredictability and reoccurring advancements of technology, does not promise that the site will always be error-free, free of viruses, or technological defects. Seeing that each of these effects would be unintentional, we are apologetic in advance if any of these errors directly affect you the buyer, pricing, or item availability. Regardless of the information displayed on the site, Morgan Dallas presents everything “as is” and makes no claims to its accuracy. We reserve the right to update or amend the errors or product information without prior knowledge. We reserve the right to cancel or otherwise prohibit the transactions of any item that has been inaccurately priced. In the event that your card has been charged with the purchase of an item at an incorrect price, Morgan Dallas is responsible for crediting the amount charged (that is, the incorrect amount) back to your card. We appreciate your compliance and understanding, if there are any questions or concerns feel free to contact us at




All products featured on the Morgan Dallas website are made-to-order. This means that there is no inventory stock of products, but we do keep stock of the specific fabrics needed to create the garments that you love. However, fabrics-just like other sellable products-are subject to being out of stock, therefore there is no concrete time or date for which specific garments will no longer be available. We will do our best to remove any products that are no longer able to be sold on our site due to the unavailability of fabric and other resources. If specific fabrics and other resources become available again, we do intend to re-upload the corresponding garments, but we will never promise that any one product will be returning.




All prices have been approved by Morgan Dallas and are correct at the time of publication. We reserve the rights to change the prices without any prior notifications. All items priced at the currency of US dollars.




We put forth our best efforts to display the colors of each garment as accurately as possible on our site, however due to different monitor discrepancies; we cannot promise that the colors portrayed on your monitor are accurate to those of our fabrics.

               Order Acknowledgement



Upon placing your order, we will send you a notification email letting you know we have received and approved your order. We will then proceed to make your garment. Once we finish the making of your garment(s), you will receive an additional email explain the process of dispatching your items to you including tracking information and the expected arrival date.

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